Gandhi Jayanthi Special

People are so happy to create controversies about famous people. And if the person is someone like Mahatma Gandhi, there are no limits to the number of scams created by miscreants in social media networks.

Legend 2: The real photograph of Godse shooting Gandhi

This picture is doing rounds for some time in social media sites. It claims that the photo was taken when Godse shot Gandhi on that fateful day.

Why this picture a fake?

1. There are no photographs of that assassination available. The assassination scenes that you saw in various movies are based on accounts given by the witnesses.

2. The picture you see here is a shot from a 1963 British movie based on a novel by Stanley WolpertNine hours to Rama. The book is a fictional account of the final 9 hours leading up to Gandhi’s assassination. The character of Godse was played by Horst Buchholz, a German actor well known for his role as Chico in Magnificent Seven. JS Casshyap played the role of Gandhi.

3. If you carefully look at both the pictures, you can spot supporting actors in the background. Someone has meticulously chosen this pic to do a propaganda against Mahatma Gandhi.

Legend 3: Gandhi dancing with a foreign lady

Why this picture a fake?

1. This picture is of an Australian actor impersonating Gandhi in a charity event held in Sydney.

2. Two things to note here – one is the muscular arm the person has. Check out the picture that was shot in 1946 by Margaret Bourke-White. This picture appeared in Life magazine. You can compare both photos. The second important thing to note in this controversial picture is the footwear. Gandhi wore a specific leather footwear that was made by himself (pic below).

Source: Life Magazine

Source: Sun UK

These are only two of the hoaxes that are being circulated in social networks. has debunked some them in the below link.

You can differ from the ideologies of Mahatma Gandhi but circulating hoax messages about a person who fought for this country’s independence is not the right way.


6 thoughts on “Gandhi Jayanthi Special

  1. Dear Brother I agree with you that these picture are may be fake. But I request you to read Indian history and as well as world history to know true fact of indian freedom published by neutral author or website not our school text book. Our school books are hyped Gandhi as Hero for political benifit by politician. Indian freedom it was happened and main reason is world war-II. After world war many country of British and french colony got freedom due to collapse of British and French by Hitler army. Severe economic and military damage. After US enter in WW2 and Climatic condition of Russia lead to defeat Germany otherwise Germany destroyed all Europe country. After world war 2 many country like Jordan, Palestinian , Myanmar, sri langa and many other countries around 90+ got freedom because British and french not in position to control all occupied country. There is no non violence movement, there is no powerful leaders, even though all the country got freedom. So don’t be blind by reading our school text book. I don’t mind anything wrong for giving important to Gandhi, but congress hyped Gandhi only as hero and remaining many other freedom fighters even not recognizing and suppressing.their effort in freedom fight. This is all political game of congress. Please read total indian history then u know about Gandhi and Nehru.
    This is my opinion and welcome your opinion also if you have in good way.

    • I agree with you Saran….Gandhi was very lucky to have have been elevated by the Congress and to have found acceptance as a Mahatma in India in spite of all his short-comings….i reality there were leaders like Vallabhbhai Patel, Subhash Chandra Bose and Veer Savarkar who had done more good for India than Gandhi did….even today there are lakhs of people who respect Nathuram Godse…though i personally condemn the killing of Gandhi.

  2. These photos reveal the truth about the man called Gandhi. On one side he was preaching abstinence, other side he is dancing with ladies.

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